Mr James tendered his resignation effective from 31 January 1968.

Miss Cynthia Paltridge replaced Mr Laurie James as Shire Librarian in 1968.  It was agreed by Council that she would be paid the full male salary rate of $5,597 per year.

At a Council meeting on 1 July 1968, it was noted that only two people had applied for the vacant position of Deputy Librarian.

“One a young lady now qualified and briefly experienced and secondly from a gentleman partly qualified but with years of experience.” It was recommended that the "[pay rate] for male Librarians be in accordance with the award [but rate for] qualified female Deputy Librarian...be fixed at 2/3 of the male rate ...at $3,800 p.a.”  

As a primary school student I remember visiting the Circle Library, as it was known, with my class.  The beautiful parquetry floors, the smell of the books, the wooden shelves and the mysterious catalogue card drawers made a big impact on my seven year old self.  Everything was so shiny and new.  We enjoyed these visits very much as our school was within easy walking distance to the library.  Miss Paltridge later objected to the class visits, on the grounds that it was very difficult to help and supervise between 30 and 40 students with only one library staff member and one teacher present.  Letters were exchanged between the Altona East State School Council, Mr Duffy the headmaster, the Altona Shire Council and Miss Paltridge.  As a result, sadly, class visits eventually ceased.  Miss Paltridge argued that children could visit the library in their own time after school.  Unfortunately, some children’s home situations did not allow them this opportunity.

On 19 December 1968 Mr Duffy wrote to thank the Council

“...for the use of the Altona Branch Library earlier this year and for the Council’s interest in the re-introduction of this privilege...we regret no further avenues of co-operation could be found [with Miss Paltridge]...It is frustrating for us to see the limited uses ...of the library...we continue to encourage children to make greater use of [the library]...in their leisure time.” 

In 1968 Altona Public Library became Altona City Library with the Shire of Altona being accorded City status in that year.