In 1971 Miss Paltridge’s report to Council included a tirade against the architect about the positioning of the circulation desk and the study carrels.  She was very concerned about:

“the appalling amount of stealing...the mutilating of books and carving words into woodwork...as there is no way of seeing into this area from a distance.” 

She suggested that:

”...we badly need somebody whose sole job is to sit at the door and watch and, if necessary frisk people.  I suggest the cheapest way of achieving this is to employ three or four pensioners and roster them for duty.”

Interestingly, Miss Paltridge looked into the future and requested:

“that a site be earmarked in the area [Altona Meadows] for a future library...[and asked Council to] keep in mind the holding of land in the main shopping area for this purpose.”  Looking into her crystal ball even further, she asked that “[she] would like Council to consider asking the Laverton Ward of Werribee to share financing the library so that it would be a joint project available to all people in the area.” 

Shades of amalgamation!

Although it would be another 24 years, a library was established at Altona Meadows.