In March 1987 a number of library patrons decided to form a Friends’ of the Library Group.  On 2 April 1987 the Friends of Altona Library Group was established.  The group vigorously supported the campaign against a reduction in State funding to public libraries.

A very successful book sale was held in June, with the co-operation of the library, and $1,872 was raised.

International playwright Ray Lawler spoke to a large audience at a function organised by the Friends of Altona Library.

During 1987/88 over 60% of new members were from the developing area of Altona Meadows.

In 1986/87 the library held items in 21 languages.

The second stage of the three year stock upgrade programme commenced, a collection development policy was implemented and Technilib decreased its turn-around-on items significantly to 2 weeks.

In preparation for the imminent transition to a computerized  library system library membership records were completely updated in line with the computerization process.

On 5 October 1987, the library’s first integrated computer system went ‘live’ to the public.  Altona became the first Victorian library site for the WANDEK/UNISYS Library System.

In 1987 the most popular book reserved was ‘Spycatcher’ by Peter Wright with 78 reservations.  It took nearly 12 months to fulfil these requests, even though the library purchased eight copies.