In the July 1997 edition of “The Baywatch” staff newsletter of the Hobsons Bay City Council, it was announced:

“Council is set to gain a prison record as a result of the recent tender win by [HBL] to set up and run a library facility at the new Port Phillip Prison in Laverton.”

An additional staff member was expected to be employed for the September opening of the prison. HBL received a separate budget in order to stock, staff and provide and on-line service for the library. Strangely (or not), Chopper Read’s books proved to be extremely popular at this time by the reading prison population.

Ms Pamela Wansink moved on in December 1996 and Mr Peter Hunt commenced as Manager Libraries in January 1997.

Mr Hunt attended the Australian Biennial Public Libraries Conference where discussion papers were presented on CCT, Customer Service and the exciting progress of CD-ROM and Internet technology.