Library Outreach Services continue to grow in popularity and are a credit to the library staff who spend hours organising and making such services a reality.

We now have social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as our own YouTube channel.

In the financial year 1965-1966, Altona Public Library recorded total loans of 167,732, and for 1966-1967 total loans of 237,230.  In the financial year of 2013-2014, the Altona branch of the Hobsons Bay City Libraries recorded loans totaling 180,081.

Since 1965 we have lost some well loved and respected fellow staff members and friends. We honour their memories and value their unique and wonderful contributions to our library service and our lives.

The role of the libraries’ employees is a fluid and ever changing dynamic. Libraries are a great social leveller. They offer people from all backgrounds equal opportunities and possibilities. We live in a different world to that of 1965, but one fact remains the same, people will use libraries for any number of reasons. We learn from and value the past. We bring the best of 1965 and the years in between to today and we embrace the future.