Hobsons Bay's Heritage

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Explore the photos and stories to reveal the history of Hobsons Bay.

What is HistoryPin?

Historypin can be described as a “digital time machine”   Participants 'pin' their images and videos to a place on a map and a point in time, and can record their stories about the photos/videos. As more images, videos and stories are added, the community together creates a rich global resource for exploring history through space and time.  

Watch a 90-second introduction to Historypin

How can I add my content to HistoryPin?

Everyone has history to share: whether its sitting in yellowed albums in the attic, collected in piles of crackly tapes, conserved in the 1000s of archives all over the world or passed down in memories and old stories.

Historypin has developed several “how-to” guides to help you get started adding your own content right away.

Support is provided at our regular Heritage Group sessions, held on the last Thursday of every month at Williamstown Library.  You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

From our archives

Watch some of the treasures available on our YouTube channel.

Hobsons Bay Libraries have digitised 100's of images for you to browse via Trove, from the National Library of Australia.