Give the gift of reading


On September 20 we celebrate the Australian Reading Hour.
Take five minutes or find an hour – to lose yourself to the transporting experience of reading. Reading reduces stress faster than a cup of tea!. Reading can increase cognition, connection and creativity.

Here are some we prepared earlier! We share five short readings to celebrate the wonder, beauty and wealth of reading.

All things must past – Vin Maskell

A beautifully composed story that conjures memories and possibilities.

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Twins – Dr Chris Ringrose

This evocative poem tracks the familiar yet unfamiliar world of twins.

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Working Mums – Tiffany Gilmour

This extract reminds us of the joys and challenges of being a working mother. It also reminds us of how an unexpected meeting can change lives.

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The house that creaks - Elaine Cuyegkeng

A short story that touches the heart and mind in its unexpected but haunting turns

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Cousins - Bobuq Sayed

Not many of us have over one hundred cousins. This touching, challenging, insightful story showcases Bobuq’s journalist strength, honesty and power. 

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Thank you to all our readers who generously donated their time to share their work. Please click on their names to learn more about their work.

Like to hear more? Join us for a live poetry readings on October 9, or visit our eLibrary for a wide range of audiobooks.    



Bedtime Storytime
Come and join us in your pyjamas, cape and mask as we set off on a bedtime adventure to meet some heroes and villains.

Thursday 20 September
6.00pm to 7.00pm
Newport Community Hub
More Details

Words matter
Enliven your thoughts, be inspired and share amazing stories, ideas and memories in 
a welcoming session that explores how reading poetry aloud engages the heart and mind.
Bring along a poem to share and enjoy the wonder of words.

Thursday 20 September
10.30am to 11.30am
Williamstown library
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