People's choice award - Drawn by the Bay 2018

The judges have chosen their Drawn by the Bay 2018 winners – now’s your chance to vote for your favourite for the People’s Choice Award.

Voting is now open and will close on Wednesday 12 December. You can view the entries below and click here to cast your vote. Tell your family and friends to cast their votes, too!

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 19 December.

Thank you again to all who entered this year!


Kookoo the Kookaburra- Jeremy Nieuwesteeg                  The Butterfly and the Cherry Blossom -
Prep: First prize                                                                   Chiyoka Kanetaka- Year 1- 2: First Prize
Kookoo the Kookaburra 1st ART Yr 1 2 The Butterfly and the Cherry Blossom Tree Chiyoka Kanetaka A003

The Jewel Fish of Karnak- Alice Burns                               Tightrope - Sophie Garforth
Year 3 -4: First Prize                                                           Year 5 -6 First Prize

1st ART Yr 3 4 The Jewel Fish of Karnak Alice Burns AN012 1st ART Yr 5 6 Tightrope Sophie Garforth W050

Sweet Departure- Callie Chan                                             Happy Cat- Allie Meiers
Year 7-9: First Prize                                                             Prep: Encouragement Prize   

1st ART Yr 7 9 Sweet Departure Callie Chan N009 EP ART Prep Happy Cat Allie Meiers AN059

Friends Fries- Astrin Cahyadi                               Dreaming about reunion with friend - Gabriela Blaszczyk
Year 10-12: First Prize                                                          Year 1-2: Encouragement Prize

1st ART Yr 10 12 Friends Fries Astrin Cahyadi AN006 EP ART Yr 1 2 Dreaming About Reunion with Friend Gabriela Blaszczyk AN008

Mister Pink Whistle - Esther Nelson                                   Scorpio - Eva Duke 
Year 3-4 Encouragement Prize                                          Year 5 -6: Encouragement Prize

EP ART Yr 3 4 Mister Pink Whistle Esther Nelson A006 EP ART Yr 5 6 Scorpio Eva Duke W048

Protect and Attack - Dinda Amin                                          Juno of Taris- Rhiannon Todd
Year 7-9: Encouragement Prize                                            Year 10-12: Encouragement Prize                         
EP ART Yr 7 9 Protect and Attack Dinda Amin AN016 EP ART Yr 10 12 Juno of Taris Rhiannon Todd AM031

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