Cybersafety help for multicultural families

There’s a lot of cybersafety information out there,
but for some people in may be difficult finding the right information in their language.pokemon 1553995 1920

Cyberparent provides free and accessible cybersafety support to parents in a range of languages on topics
including social media, popular apps, privacy and cyberbullying.
The app is available free online in 17 languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian
and can be accessed by all devices that have an internet connection, however, it is optimised for tablets and smartphones.

The AMF has also developed an accompanying guide to help new users download and navigate CyberParent.
The document also provides trainers and facilitators with a plan, tools and some tips on running a training session about CyberParent.

To access CyberParent Web App click below or type into your browser.