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Book clubBeing part of a Book Club can be a wonderful way to connect with new people, spend time with friends, dissect books, discover great new reads or re-visit old favourites.

Our services to Book Clubs include access to over 100 titles, including discussion notes where possible. Each Book Club set contains 10 copies of your selected book.


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Please note: As contact person for your group you are responsible for ensuring all group members agree to the terms of use for group membership and to pay any fees relating to overdue or lost books. We suggest you keep a record of the barcode of the book each member has loaned out. If items are not returned, borrowing privileges may be suspended until the account has been cleared.

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$285 annual fee for the hire of your book sets for 12 months (payable in advance):


$39 for each month’s hire (payable on pick up of books)

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Please check the titles listed for 2020 and indicate your preferences in the spaces below. We ask for 15 titles as some of your selected titles may be unavailable.

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Book Club Conditions

Each Book Club requires a contact person. The contact person is responsible for

  • overdue items
  • loss of items
  • damages to the books

Sets contain 10 books and can be loaned for six weeks.

Books must be paid for at the time of collection.

  • $39 per book set hire, or
  • $285 annual fee for the hire of your book sets for 12 months (payable in advance):
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