Customer Request Guidelines

All customer requests and suggestions for stock will be considered for purchase if they fit within the overall Collection Curation and Management Statement.

Guidelines for purchase on request:

  • Most titles that have been published in the last 2 years.
  • Some older titles where they are deemed to be of interest to other customers or they fill a gap in the existing stock providing they are still in print.
  • Titles which have general and broad appeal, is currently popular or fills a perceived subject gap.
  • Titles to the value: Fiction up to $75.00 & Non-fiction up to $100.00.
  • Titles of current information. (NOTE: old publications where information is dated will not be purchased). Newer title in the same subject field will be considered.
  • All requests for periodicals will be considered as part of the bi-annual subscription reviews.
  • Limit of 6 requests per customer per month.

Materials not generally purchased:

  • Textbooks (NOTE: titles may be included if they are the best authority available and cover subject areas which cannot be supplied through other sources.)
  • Expensive, rare or fragile items.
  • Ephemeral material eg maps, globes, jigsaws etc
  • Materials only available in inappropriate formats eg. Construction kits, mini-book format.
  • Out-of-date material or formats. (including cassettes, videos, CDs, MP3s)
  • Items prohibited by law eg. Pornography.
  • R rated DVDs are not generally purchased.
  • DVDs classified by the Australian Censorship Board are preferred.


  • If possible please check title and author details are correct.
  • The timeframe for delivery is between two and four weeks, if the decision to purchase is made and if the title is readily available.
  • The item will be reserved for the customer and the customer notified via   e-mail or text message when the reservation is fulfilled.
  • If the libraries are not able to fulfil a request, an email with a brief outline of the reason why, will be sent within 14 days.

All enquiries regarding requests that have been rejected should be referred to the Library Management Team on 1300 462 542.