Sphero Bolt

  1. Contents of kit
  2. What you need to add
  3. Device compatibility details
  4. Before you start
  5. Charging Sphero Bolt
  6. Set up
  7. How to play
  8. Activity ideas
  9. Before returning
  10. Troubleshooting and support
Shphero main

Contents of kit

  • x1 Sphero BOLT
  • x1 Charging base
  • x1 USB Charging Cable

 SpheroBolt  SpheroBolt Charger  SpheroBoltCable

What you need to add

  • Smart device or computer

You can use either of the following two apps with a Sphero Bolt

  • ‘Sphero Edu’ (this is free with no in-app purchases)
  • ‘Sphero Play’ Apps (this is free with no in-app purchases)

Device compatibility details

Please check the official website for up to date details regarding compatible devices.

Before you start

  • Download app you want to use
  • Make sure the Sphero Bolt is fully charged using the USB cable and charging base with the kit

Charging Sphero BOLT

  • Place Sphero BOLT heavy side down in the charger. To find its heavy side, place it on a hard surface like a table. Sphero will naturally settle with the heavy side at the bottom and pop him in the charger in this position.
  • It takes up to three hours to fully charge and, if it's blinking blue, that means it's currently charging. When the blue light's blinking stops, it's fully charged.
  • Sphero's battery should last up to 60 minutes of constant play on a full charge

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: DO NOT PLACE ANY OBJECTS IN THE SPHERO CHARGER OTHER THAN SPHERO. Placing coins or metal objects in the charger could cause the metal objects to heat and burn on contact.

Set up

  • Open the Sphero app and find the ‘Connect Robot’ button (or any action that requires a robot, such as driving, or starting a program)
  • Hold your smart device near your Sphero BOLT
  • Select ‘BOLT’ from the list of robots, and then select your robot from the list to connect

If you can't connect to your robot, It might be in "off" mode. To turn it "on", simply place it in the charging cradle, let it complete its light animation, then try connecting again.

How to play

Open and connect your Sphero BOLT to one of the apps to start playing.

  • Play App: This app gives you multiple “driving” features you can play with (try each one and see which is your favourite).
  • Edu App: Along with some basic driving features the Sphero Edu app contains guided STEAM and Computer science lessons and activities, consisting of varying skill level and content areas for you to explore.
  • Activity ideas
    Create an obstacle course or maze for your Sphero BOLT to navigate through (time yourself and see if you can break your record)

    Before returning

    • Please erase all personal data from Sphero BOLT for the next user
    • Place Sphero BOLT on the charging base
    • Press the button on the side of the charger while removing Sphero from the charger
    • To verify that Sphero is reset, try tapping to wake – if it does not wake, reset is successful

    Troubleshooting and support


Last updated: 5 May, 2022