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eSmart LibrariesHobsons Bay Libraries is an accredited eSmart Library.
The eSmart program has been developed by the Telstra Foundation, in partnership with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to inform and  educate library users of all ages about cybersafety.

Hobsons Bay City Council supports the development of a local community where people have opportunities to maximise their health and wellbeing.  One goal of is to create an inclusive, resilient and healthy community.  The eSmart Libraries project supports this goal by promoting online safety and providing access to cybersafety help and resources.

Staying safe online

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In the interests of helping you stay safe online, whether at the library, at home or out and about with a mobile device, we've compiled some of the experts' top tips on cyber safety.  If you're unsure about how best to protect your personal information or deal with undesirable online behaviour and content following these tips is a good place to start.


Cyberbullying happens when online technology is used to cause harm.  It can take a variety of forms including:

First phones: Safe setup

As children enter High School, or even earlier, they often get their very own smartphone or similar device for the first time.
For parents it can be reassuring to know that children can contact you wherever they are, and for kids their phone can be a passport to a wider social world, however parents may feel apprehensive about the risks associated with mobile devices such as excessive screen time and unwelcome or hurtful online interactions including cyberbullying.
Fortunately, most of these risks can be minimised by taking a few minutes to make sure your child’s device is safely set up before you let them loose on the internet.

Here’s a few easy steps you can take to make that new phone safer

Tips for dealing with cyberbullying include:

Useful links

Staying safe online

Stay Smart Online logoThe Australian Government's online safety and security website, designed to help everyone understand the risks and simple steps we can take to protect our personal and financial information online.

ACMA logo
The Australian Communications and Media Authority
Tips on protecting yourself from online scams.


telstra-logoTelstra Consumer Advice: Cyber Safety
Ideas for staying safe online and protecting your privacy, including information for individuals and families.



Parents, children and teens

ThinkUKnow - internet safety for young people aged 11 to 17 (also includes information for parents, teachers and carers).

Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner - report cyberbullying or offensive/illegal online content.

Kids Helpline - kid-friendly information about online safety, cyberbullying and more.

Headspace - support for young people and their families going through tough times, including bullying and other issues.

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