Ozobot EVO

  1. Contents of kit
  2. What you need to add
  3. Device compatibility details
  4. Before you start
  5. Offline mode
  6. Using app
  7. Activity ideas
  8. Before returning
  9. Troubleshooting and support


Contents of kit

  • x1 Ozobot Evo robot
  • x1 USB charging cable
  • x4 Markers (red, green, blue and black)
  • x2 Ozobot colour codes sheet

 OzobotRobot  Ozobotcable  OzobotPens  Ozobot Colour Codes

What you need

  • White poaper
  • (Optional) computer or smart device
  • (Optional) ‘Evo by Ozobot’ App (this is free with no in-app purchases)

Device compatibility details

lease check the official website for up-to-date details regarding compatible devices

Before you start

  • Make sure you charge the Ozobot using the USB cable provided
  • It should take about an hour to charge your Ozobot (from flat to fully charged)
  • (NOTE: Ozobot will blink red/orange when it needs charging, blink green when it is partially charged and show solid green when it is fully charged)
  • You should get around one hour of play (with Bluetooth connected) for a fully charged Ozobot

Offline mode (coding with pens and paper)

Ozobot can be used completely offline and without the use of an app if desired.

Use the markers provided to create paths to navigate your robot or create unique sequences of movement using colour codes.

Complete list of colour codes can be found here.

Firstly, calibrate your Ozobot (the instructions will be provided with your kit)

  • Colour in the circle using the black marker
  • Make sure the Ozobot is turned off (showing no lights)
  • Place the Ozobot in the centre of the black circle
  • Press and hold the Ozobot power button for 2 to 4 seconds (round see-through button on the side)
  • When the top light blinks white, release power button
  • Your Ozobot will blink green when correctly calibrated
  • If it blinks red, start the process over again

Grab a sheet of white paper and your markers, using the instructions provided create paths and combinations of colours for your Ozobot to navigate and react to. Read the instructions carefully and note how lines and colours need to be drawn for the best outcome.

NOTE: you can use other felt markers (other than the ones provided with this kit) however please avoid using whiteboard/dry erase markers as the ink can get stuck in the engine/lens.

Ozobot has an experience pack as a PDF you can print out to complete some introductory activities.

(NOTE: when printing out PDF ensure it’s single sided and in colour).

If you want additional activities/coding abilities, you can download the ‘Evo by Ozobot’ App and connect to the robot there.

Using app

  • Allow device access to Bluetooth
  • You do not need to allow the app to send you notifications
  • You can select ‘Play without Signing in’ if you do not wish to create an account (this may limit some features, but you can always create an account later if you want).
  • When prompted power on your Evo Robot

Features you can use without setting up an account

  • You can drive your Ozobot around, changing lighting effects on it (recordings however require an account)
  • You can play Ozolaunch game
  • You can use OzoBlockly Editor to create and run programs (note this is easier to use on a computer than a smart device)
  • You can use the experience pack (however you will need to print out the required PDFs in colour)

Activity ideas

Create a course using all the colour codes you know.

Explore more ideas via the Ozobot website.

Before returning

  • Please erase all personal data from Ozobot for the next user
  • Press and hold button on side of bot
  • Place on black circle (in kit) to recalibrate
  • Press and hold button on side of bot to power down

Troubleshooting and support

Ozobot has an excellent collection of support documents and videos.


last updated: 7 June, 2022