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Family History
Curious about your ancestors? Get started finding out who you are.


Homegrown Hobsons Bay
Homegrown Hobsons Bay is an innovative program to celebrate and to grow the potential and reach of, writers from Hobsons Bay.


Hobsons Bay's Heritage
Explore Hobsons Bay, a city with a rich and unique history. 
Contribute your memories and research to help tell the story of Hobsons Bay.


Learning in Hobsons Bay
Connect to the diverse and rich lifelong learning opportunities offered by Hobsons Bay Libraries.


Your Next Favourite Read
Your next favourite read might be unexpected, or by an already loved author.  It could be a recommendation from a friend, or from an online tool that matches books to your particular mood or taste.


Showcasing Hobsons Bay Libraries
Learn more about Hobsons Bay Libraries.