Homegrown Hobsons Bay

Hobsons Bay Libraries launched Homegrown Hobsons Bay in 2015. This is an exciting project to celebrate and recognise the contribution of local writers to the vibrant culture of Hobsons Bay.

Homegrown Hobsons Bay aims to:
* cultivate a strong sense of community between writers and readers within Hobsons Bay
* celebrate the diversity of ideas and creativity through writing
* identify and support up and coming writers in Hobsons Bay
* recognise the contribution of prolific or renowned writers that have a significant connection to Hobsons Bay.

As a writer with a significant connection to the City of Hobsons Bay, we invite you to submit a profile to be showcased on the Hobsons Bay Libraries website. Copies of your published titles will also be housed in a dedicated Homegrown Hobsons Bay collection at Williamstown Library.

For further information about Homegrown Hobsons Bay please contact us on 1300 462 542 or by email: library@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au

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