Big Summer Read

AR VPL 300x200 ThumbnailA Victorian State Wide Reading Program

1 December 2021 – 31 January 2022

The summer school holidays are a time for kids to enjoy a break away from school and indulge in a less structured, relaxed lifestyle with family and friends. While this is vitally important to their overall development and mental wellbeing, research has shown that kids can actually loose some of the literacy skills they gained during the year and start the next year at a disadvantage. It is called the Summer Slide and we see it all around the world. The answer to slowing this ‘slide’ is simple, and it does not involve more school work over summer!

Kids just need to keep reading, and be read to. Summer is the perfect time for children to indulge in books and stories and read for pleasure. This is where we come in!

The BIG Summer Read has been developed by Public Libraries Victoria in a joint effort to raise awareness of the benefits of reading over summer and to ensure Victorian children have access to resources proven to slow the slide. Together we are aiming to engage 10,000 children in the program! If you get involved, you can win a $300 prize pack and other prizes along the way. Will you join in? 

What is it?

Kids are encouraged to keep reading over the summer holidays with an incentivised program that uses Beanstack, a mobile app that rewards you for reading. When reading milestones are reached, kids earn ‘badges’ for their Beanstack profile and increase their chances of winning a prize! Participants need to log a minimum of 10 books and collect 5 activity badges to complete the challenge. All badges will be released at the start of the program and can be completed at any time.

When does it start?

The program will open for pre-registration on Monday 8 November 2021 and starts Wednesday 1 December 2021. Pre-registration is where kids can create their account on Beanstack and sign up to the program. It ends on Friday 31 January 2022.

What is the intended age range for the Big Summer Read?

Primary-school aged children, but if parents/carers want to sign-up a pre-schooler or teenager that is fine too. 

What are the prizes?

There will be a grand prize being a bumper pack of experiences and goodies from local businesses, including a $300 prize pack and other prizes along the way. Stay tuned and keep reading to find out more.

Will there be a paper-based alternative for those unable to use technology?

Yes – you can pick up a simple paper version at a library branch and return when completed to be included in the prize draw.

What safeguards are in place to protect users’ privacy?

Beanstack’s servers are US-based, and to safeguard users’ privacy we are asking for the bare minimum of personal information: email, name (an alias is acceptable), age & library service.

Read Beanstack’s privacy policy to learn more about how they handle user’s personal information and what they use/don’t use it for.

Terms and Conditions:

Library members participating in the Big Summer Read must be under the age of 18, reside in Victoria and must be able to collect their prize from a Hobsons Bay Libraries branch.

Prizes will not be awarded to anyone who does not meet the eligibility criteria. 

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