Getting creative with apps!

CTH TabletLearning doesn’t stop for anything! Are you keen to learn some new skills, start coding or challenge yourself in a brand new way? The Libraries’ Digital and Creative Technology Hub Team are excited to share their top tips for exploring Creative Tech at home.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience that virtually places a 3D object into a “real-world” experience. This makes the user see the virtual object as though it is coexisting in the physical world.

So, what can you do with AR at home? There are lots of really cool apps that can be downloaded for free and used on both iOS and Android devices that allow users of all ages to try AR.

Some of our favourites are:

Love colouring in? Download and print out the colouring pages, get colouring and then scan your work to watch it come to life right in front of you! There are lots of free colouring packs to get you started.

Sick of staring at the same walls and furniture day after day? Start dreaming about future home renovations! Use this free app to bring your wildest interior design ideas to life in your own home. A true-to-life makeover for no cost.

Wish you were Picasso but your drawing skills are more preschool? This app uses your phone’s camera to guide you through drawing realistic sketches. Follow step-by-step lessons or jump straight into creating.

Feeling a bit 'blah'? Learn makeup tips and techniques with this smart cosmetics kit. This app uses accurate facial mapping technology to allow you to give yourself a true-to-life makeover on your own face.

A classic hide and seek game that breaks through into reality. Break open your bedroom floor, hide your treasure and then watch your pirate companions search through your entire house trying to find the gold. Fun for the whole family!


Learn how to use block code and get into the world of coding. Create your own online games and animations, or control a robot – all from your computer screen.

Some of our favourite places to learn about coding include:

An amazing free resource where you can play computer games that other people have created, then design and code your own. Follow the tutorials to learn how to use block code. Share your games with friends and players from all over the world.

With Scratch, you can also create animated cards to say hello to a friend or family member. Check out this handy tutorial to get started.

This free app was designed especially to teach children aged 5-7 how to use Scratch block coding. Children can program their own interactive stories and games.

No Ozobot? No worries! Play the Shape Tracer OzoBlockly games and create code for a virtual bot to follow. Make sure you check out our calendar of upcoming Library events to get your hands on an Ozobot and try your code in real life.

Electronics and Circuitry

Did you know that you can learn all about and make your own electronic circuits online? This is the safest way to play with electricity. Once you’ve mastered the basics, get creative and design the craziest circuits you can.

Here are some of the best places to play with virtual electric circuits:

Sign up for a free Tinkercad account and work through the circuitry tutorials. Once you’ve designed your virtual circuit, work through how to use block coding to program your design and run the simulation to check whether your circuit works.

Start with the basics of simple circuitry and then head into the lab to create your own circuits with virtual wire, batteries, light bulbs, switches and more.

Getting Creative

Technology is a fantastic way to get creative and share your ideas with the world. Are you a writer? Maybe it’s time to start a blog! Want to know more about 3D design? Learn the basics and start creating! Love to draw? Try your hand at online animation!

Here are some of our favourite places to get creative online:

Sign up for a free Tinkercad account and learn the basics of 3D design. Work through a series of tutorials which will teach you how to draw, edit, move, duplicate and rotate your designs. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be ready to print your unique design at the Creative Technology Hub @ Seaworks when it reopens!

Sign up for a free Easel account and check out the projects that users from around the world have created using a CNC router. Learn how to design your own project or modify an existing one to make things like stamps, signs, toys, decorations and more. Save your project design and carve it out of wood at the Creative Technology Hub @ Seaworks when it reopens.

Love to write and feel the need to share your thoughts with the world? Wordpress is a free blog builder. Create your own blog and share your experiences of staying at home! Connect with friends and family from around the world.

Not sure how to get started? Check out for some ideas about blogging in 2020.

Create your own website for free. Not sure what to make a website about? Think about your favourite things, something you’re passionate or knowledgeable about, or make it personal and share your family history.

An online music making and sharing platform used by millions of musicians around the world. Record or mix your own sounds, learn about loops, reverb and more. Collaborate with other artists or hone your skills solo.

Turn your drawings into animations. This online animation maker has tiered levels of access, but allows for some free creations. Upload your work to YouTube and share with friends.

An excellent, easy-to-use online photo editor. Upload your digital photos and edit them so that you can show off your photography skills on your Instagram, website, Facebook profile or blog!

We love hearing about your experiences.

Have you tried any of these amazing apps? What have you learned? Is there another app that you think we need to know about? Don’t forget to share your stories with us, and tag #hobsonsbaylibraries