Request an inter library loan

From the 30 June 2020 Library Link Victoria will no longer be available for Inter Library Loan requests.

Hobsons Bay Libraries will continue to provide an Inter Library Loan service through this online form.

If you can't find the item you are looking for on the catalogue, you can either suggest a purchase or place an Interlibrary Loan using the form below.

Please provide as much information about the item as possible, such as title, author, ISBN, publisher, publication date and whereabouts if known (ie National Library or another Library Service).

Please be advised that a non-refundable charge applies when an Inter Library Loan request is placed, whether this request is successful or not. Additional costs may be incurred on the item depending on where the item can be sourced (ie Academic Institution) charges will be added to your library card and can be paid online or upon collecting the item. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of Inter Library Loans

What happens after you submit your request?

If the library is able to locate the item, we'll reserve it for you and you’ll receive a confirmation once it is available.

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