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Internet and computer accesscomputers

We have recently updated the Public Access Computers and Internet Policy.  Please familiarise yourself with the conditions of use for these resources.

Each Hobsons Bay branch offers free wi-fi access and desktop PC use for library members. To ensure fair access for all, desktop PCs can be used for a limit of two hours per day.

Before using the computers or wi-fi network at Hobsons Bay Libraries please read the Public Access Computers and Internet Policy.

Book a computer

Having trouble with using computers?
Our staff are more than happy to offer tips and advice on using computers, and we regularly offer hands-on classes in a supportive and friendly environment. Tutorials from The Computer School may also be of assistance.

Print, Scan and Copy

Printing and photocopying is available at all branches.  You will need to bring your library card in order to print or copy. You can scan your documents to a USB at no charge.
Print and photocopy charges

Black and white     Colour
A4: 30c per page   A4: 60c per page
A3: 50c per page   A3: $1.20 per page


You can send or receive faxes at all branches. Contact your relevant branch for their inbound fax number.
Concession rates are available for faxing upon sight of approved concession ID such as a health care card or pension card.

Fax charges

Send Local Melbourne     Send Australia    Send overseas
First page:$2.80/1.45 conc.   First page: $4.10/1.45 conc.   First page: $6.40/3.80 conc.
Per page thereafter: $1.75/0.85   Per page thereafter: $2.40/0.85   Per page thereafter: $1.65/0.85
Receive a fax: $1.75        


3D Object Scanning

3D object scanning is available at Williamstown Library using HP Sprout. You can scan a wide variety of small objects into a variety of file formats. Sprout’s 3D Capture app creates a high resolution, full colour 3D digital model that you can manipulate any way you choose.

Book Sprout online via Williamstown, Heritage Room, W-PC-Sprout


Creative technology equipment

Hobsons Bay Libraries have a large range of Creative technologies equipment available at the Creative Technology Hub at Seaworks, Williamstown.

Item and description Creative Tech Hub
Emblaser 2 laser cutter 1
3D printer 2
Carvey CNC router 1
Leap Motion controller 1
Einscan 3D scanner 1
Soldering kits and stations 3
De-soldering pump 1
Wacom graphic tablets 1
Oculus Quest VR headsets 2
Ricoh Theta V 360 camera 1
iPads 10
mBot Ranger kits 10
Ozobots 12
Makey Makey Stem pack 1
3Doodler printing pen kits 5
Airblock drone kits 1
Microbits kits 9
Sphero SPRK 2
Green screen kit equipment 1
uArm Swift Pro Robotic arm




 Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter/Engraver 

This iis a precision cutting and engraving tool that works on cloth, cardboard, paper, leather, wood and acrylic. It is ideal for creating 3D models, jewellery, decorative objects and more.

Materials available: Plywood, and Acrylic. Only Creative Tech Hub materials may be used in the Emblaser 2.

Material Capacity: 500mm x 300mm x 50mm (19.66" x 11.81"x 1.97")

Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printer

This allows for precision printing with layers of plastic filament.

Materials available: Thermoplastic polyester elastomer, high impact polystyrene, transparent thermoplastic, PLA.

Build volume: 200 x 200 x 180 mm [7.9 x 7.9 x 7.1 in]

The Zortrax is bookable via

 uPrint SE Plus 3D printer is a fully enclosed precision printing machine. It uses ABS thermoplastic to create durable, stable and accurate models.

The uPrint is bookable via

 Carvey CNC router

Carvey is a fully enclosed 3D carving and cutting machine that allows you to make products out of wood, metal and plastic. It is ideal for making signs, decorative objects and more.

Materials approved for use in Carvey should not exceed dimensions of: Width (X-axis): 12 inches (30 cm), Depth (Y-axis): 8 inches (20 cm), Height (Z-axis): 2.75 inches (7 cm).

Approved materials may be found at

Leap motion controller

This is a tracking device that brings your hands directly into virtual and augmented reality. Reach out, swipe, grab, pinch or punch your way through the digital world.

Einscan 3D scanner

This is a multi-functional handheld 3D scanner that rapidly and accurately captures 3D data of real objects.

HP Sprout
Sprout’s 3D Capture app creates a high resolution, full colour 3D digital model that you can manipulate any way you choose.

Wacom Graphic Tablet

This allows you to digitise hand-drawn images, graphics and handwriting.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is a wireless virtual reality headset. It allows users to fully immerse themselves within games and apps, create virtual art, and explore the world without leaving their chair.

The Oculus Quest is bookable via

Ricoh Theta V

This is a 360° camera that records high resolution still images and videos. It allows for realistic VR imagery and content can be edited and shared online.

The 360 camera is bookable via


This is an entry-level robot kit that users can construct from scratch. It allows the user to learn about robotic machinery and electronic parts, and develop an understanding of the fundamentals of block-based programming.

mBot Ranger is an advanced robotics kit containing approximately 100 mechanical parts and electronic modules. There are three preset forms for users to construct, drive and program.


This is a transformable flying robot designed for play. Magnetic modules allow users to quickly build an aircraft, hovercraft and many other creations. Block-based programming allows for innovative play and learning about aerodynamics.

Ozobot Evo

This is a robot that uses sensors to follow lines and read colour codes, allowing for screen-free coding. They can also be programmed using block coding to change speed, lighting effects and respond to obstacles.

Makey Makey

These kits are an electronic invention kit that allow users to connect everyday objects to computer programs, turning them into touchpads and controllers.

Kano PC is a DIY Windows computer. Follow instructions to connect the battery, speaker, case and keyboard, develop an understanding of how computers work and then journey through the operation system and learn to code using both block and type code.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 are buildable and programmable robots using LEGO bricks. Users can create preset designs or modify their creations, then use block coding to program their robots.


3D pens extrude heated plastic filament that hardens in seconds, allowing users to draw 3D objects. Suitable for creating jewellery, fixing plastic items, making decorative pieces and much more.


This is a tiny programmable computer that can be used for many different creations – from robots to musical instruments and much more. Micro:bit can be coded in blocks, Javascript, Python, Scratch and more.

uArm Swift Pro

This is a high grade desktop robotic arm that has been modelled after industrial robots. It is programmable, and can be transformed to perform any task, including writing, engraving, and picking and placing objects up to 500g.




Drop in to Altona North to play the PS4 or visit Altona Meadows to play one of our XBOX Kinect consoles.