Take Home Tech

THT title imageWelcome to the Hobsons Bay Library 'Take Home Tech’ collection

(Available from 1 October, 2022)


Items in these collections can be reserved online (where the most up to date information on item availability can be found) and returned to a library desk during branch opening hours.

Items in these collections can NOT be returned via the chute.

When returning, follow any additional requirements for that item (ie. factory resets or erasing personal data) and ensure all pieces in the item's box.

Tech Toys Collection

Items in this collection can be borrowed for 7 days.


What is it?



What you need

(Device compatibility and additional details can be found by clicking on ‘More Info’)

Anki Cozmo


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An interactive, programmable robot friend for you to teach and learn with.

8 +

  • A smart device 

  • 3 x 1.5V size N batteries 

  • Cozmo’ App

Osmo Genius Kit

 Osmo pic pack

H ands-on learning through interactive games. Includes Words, Numbers and Tangram kits.

6 -10

  • A smart tablet

  • Osmo Words’ App

  • Osmo Numbers’ App 

  • Osmo Tangram’ App

Ozobot Evo Kit


The Ozobot EVO is a programmable robot that can be used to develop computational thinking skills.

5 +

  • White Paper

  • (optional) computer or smart device

  • (optional) ‘Evo by Ozobot’ App 


Sphero Bolt


Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball that you can drive around and learn creative coding skills through play.

5 +

  • Smart Device or Computer

  • Either ‘Sphero Edu’ or ‘Sphero Play’ App


Sphero Specdrums

 Sphero main image

Specdrums are app-connected rings that let you create music using physical play. Tap coloured surfaces to create sounds, loops, and beats

4 +

  • A Smart D evice

  • Specdrums Mix’ App



What is the 'Take Home Tech' Collection?
It’s an assortment of physical objects (like tools, technology and toys) that you can borrow from the library.

How long can I borrow the item for?
Different collections will have different borrowing restrictions placed on them. Please check the item before borrowing it to confirm.

Why do I have to reserve it online?
We have limited supplies at branches you are more likely to have success by reserving it and picking it up at your desired branch than by turning up and asking for it.

Why do I need to return them to the desk? Why can’t I use the chute after-hours?
Some of the items are fragile and we don’t want them to be damaged in the returning process (also some items are simply too big to fit through the chute itself). Returning them to the desk also ensures staff can check that all items within a kit are present.

Do I need to do anything special before returning the item?

  • Make sure all pieces within the kit are there, ensure they are clean and report any damages to library staff upon return.
  • If you are required to perform extra steps (ie. resetting or clearing data) these steps will be specified with the kit (you can find additional details by clicking on the ‘more info’ page for that item).
  • Where possible, if items can be recharged prior to returning, that will benefit the next person borrowing the item.

If you are not sure, feel free to ask library staff for assistance.

How do I use this item? Why won’t it work?

  • Click on the ‘more info’ section for the item you are having problems with (each kit will have a QR code on its label which will take you to that page).
  • We have compiled a range of useful information there, including start up procedures, compatibility details as well as links to external troubleshooting guides.

If there is information you feel is missing or would be helpful, please let us know.

Why don’t you have XYZ?

  • Not all items are appropriate for our collection (ie. they may be too expensive, too fragile, already available by another service or too hard to maintain by our staff) however we are always looking for suggestions to build this collection further.
  • You can always recommend an item to add to the collection.

See our Customer Request Guidelines page for more details.