Dreamer in the Deep







In this deep sea adventure, Dreamer's bed is transformed into an ocean going yacht and Dreamer sets out to rescue a leafy sea dragon held captive by a greedy scorpion fish in the Great Barrier Reef. A golden seahorse guides him on his quest and together they explore the Australian coastal waters and further down to the deepest parts of the ocean. At each level and location, they encounter the life-forms, habitats and conditions that create such an amazing diversity of exotic sea creatures, from very small to very large. We even meet an accordion-playing crab and an opera-singing cleaning shrimp.

Accompanied by an original soundtrack by Melbourne composer, John Grant, this is puppet theatre to inspire the imagination for all ages.

Family friendly.

BOOKED OUT. Waiting list only. 

Event Details

Event Date Monday 20 January, 10:30am
Event End Date Monday 20 January, 11:30am
Location Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre
No bookings required
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